Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Hydrangea Kit.....Part Deux

Sorry this blog post has been a long time coming, but you know how life gets in the way sometimes.  Lately I seem to be easily distracted, but tonight I did take a little time to work on my hydrangea kit a little more.  It isn't a large update, but it is getting there and you can at least get an idea of how things are starting to shape up.

When we left off last time, I had glued all the small petals to one of the green painted beads and left it to dry.

I have now done that to four different flower blooms and let them dry.

After the glue was good and dry, I went at them with some watercolor markers.  I chose three different shades of beige because I want these blossoms to have a dried look to them.  As the time frame of the room box is supposed to be in the fall, it would look a bit out of place to have some pretty blue or lavender hydrangea in a vase.  I really wanted a varied look to them so the colors were applied very sloppy. 

The next to creating the arrangement was to put some green florist clay in the bottom of the vase.  The vase I chose is the wooden turned one I purchased in Chicago from Standing People Design Miniatures.  Their turned items are amazing and I love the different shades of brown and black in this vase.  I think it will look very nice with the dried arrangement in it.

After trimming the stems to different heights, I inserted them into the clay.  Originally I had planned on just putting the four completed blossoms in the vase with some of the leaves, but I'm thinking now that I need to complete the remaining three blossoms, limit the number of green leaves (the green just seems wrong for some reason) and do a tighter clump of blossoms in the vase, perhaps with some twigs added to give the arrangement some height.  

I think it is well on its way.  Now I just have to complete the three additional flower blossoms and get them dried and colored.  More coming soon.

Till later!


  1. Your hydrangeas look great Dale. The shading makes them look dried, I think they will be perfect for your beautiful vase. I so need to find a little time to work on my projects :)


  2. Beautiful!!! Will you add some leaves? I love the vase that you chose. Thanks for sharing this with us Dale.

  3. Victoria,you sure do need to find some time. I miss seeing your work on your minis. :-)

    Morena, I'll be adding some leaves and other things to fill in and I'm also going to add more Hydrangea blossoms.

  4. Te han quedado preciosas, una gran idea darles el color que tu buscabas.
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