Saturday, April 9, 2011

Chicago Update with Pictures

Hello everyone.

Well, I finally made it to Chicago yesterday after being delayed about 2 hours. That really dug into our miniature fun time, but at least we made it to the IMA show.

Today, we were up early and at the Marriott in time for some breakfast and then the show.  Can I just say that there is hardly anything more fun than spending about six hours looking at minis and talking to other miniaturists and artists.  I met so many talented people and we gushed and awed over their minis, but I really have to say that one of my all time favorite memories will be standing and talking to James Carrington for about a half hour, if not more.  Truly an experience and so much fun.

Now here is what I know you have been wanting to!!  Not a lot from the show itself, but pics of what I purchased will have to do.  LOL  Here are even two pictures of me taking pics of my miniatures.

Isn't this little skull with the tiny skeleton one of the cutest things you have ever seen?!? I adore him.

Now...Bishop Chicago International

Want to try something small? How about some 144 scale rooms.  These scenes are all by Nellie Corkin.  The mermaid is 1" scale

Here are some pics of what I purchased. 

Loving the basket! I think it will look great on the counter of The Mystic Path holding some fresh herbs.

I felt Madam Aspen needed some plants in the shop so I purchased the Celedon elephant planter to hold a fern and the hanging basket will also hold a green plant.

Plants did you say?  How about a great  Fern and Hydrangea kit?  I've never done a kit but these from Ambrosia have everything in them, including the pots.  I'm excited to get home and try them.

My beautiful Kwan Yin.  The detail on this tiny 1" tall brass piece is incredible. I'm going to have to find the perfect place for her.  I couldn't resist and she was the only one there.

Ray Storey had some amazing bottles at his table and at $10 each, it was hard to pass up getting one of each.  I think on the shelves in The Mystic Path they will make quite a striking impression.  WOOHOO!!
Well folks, that is all for today.  I'm hoping to have more pics to share after our trip to the show again tomorrow.  Stay tuned for more

Till later!


  1. Great finds Dale :) So glad you are having a good time.

    Victoria ❤

  2. What fun!!!!! I take it you didn't take any classes?


  3. What Fun! I LOVE the glass and the Elephant planter..... and the other planter too...! I think you have some great finds!

  4. Awesome finds all! :)

    Some day, I will get to the Chicago shows. :)