Saturday, April 16, 2011

Could it be? Yep, the last of Chicago pictures.

Well folks, it is time to post the last of the pictures I have from Chicago. 

I'm sure I have said it before, but humor me and let me say it again...this was one of the most soul inspiring trips I have ever taken.  It will never take the place of the first time I went. When you have never been and suddenly you are hit with such a huge display of creativity, it is awe inspiring. The difference between the first time and this time was that I took the time to really speak with the creators of these minis on this trip.  One of the things that you quickly realize is that all the people you have followed and watched for years are just like you. They are creating miniatures becasue it is their passion.  These people are lucky enough to be able to spend their days crafting these little bits of art for a living (at least a lot of them do) and when you look at the items they have created, it dawns on you that their intense love of this craft allows them to dream up and produce items of pure joy.  They love to talk about their art. You can speak about miniatures and they know what you are talking about. Not one time that weekend did I feel I was talking to a group of blank faces. To be able to spend two days talking minis and having a receptive audience is great.

There is no way I could ever list everyone that I spoke to or showcase all the works that I saw. Some of the things are so beautiful you could almost cry.  I hope that over the last week I have given you a lot to look at and enjoy.

Now it is time for what you are really wanting to see....more pictures.  Some of these artists I can't remember, but I wanted you to see some of the other things I saw.

This roombox was being sold to benefit the people of Japan.  100% of the sales price went to the Japan Relief Fund.  There are many artists represented here and the box was designed by Jo from Spencer's nook. (

Sorry for the glare in this picture, but photographing through glass in a ballroom is challenging to say the least. This 1" scale box featured Merlin's room with a secret passage behind the bookcase, a great view out the windows and many fun magical items. 

Yep, this is Merlin's workshop in a teacup. What a creative idea!

It is true, your eyes are not deceiving you.  This dollhouse is completely stick-built like a true house. The details were amazing the inlaid floor in the following picture was stunning. 

 The brick work on this store front was absolutely amazing.

Love this witch and wish the other picture I took had turned out.  The "box" beside her to the left was actually a large encyclopedia that had been hollowed out and features a cave with lots of crystals, bats and other "witchy" things.

This roombox was made by Robert Dawson of The Model Room ( and he was nice enough to take the glass off the front so I could get some great pictures of it.  The small nook in the back was the perfect place to sit and take in the scenery. It was another one of those "crawl inside and sit a while" displays. WOW!

I sure hope you have all enjoyed my little pictorial journey through the show.  I still have to take pictures of teh miniatures I bought on Sunday before I left Chicago, but perhaps I'll get those done today and can share those tomorrow.

Till later!


  1. Hi Dale,

    your comment on Victoria's blog made me curious to visit you... I liked your suggestion she should pack up "Vulture's Roost" and ship it to you... ;O)

    Thank you for this very fascinating report of the Chicago fair - and the warning. Yes, a drool napkin was needed. And I wouldn't mind some more pics... many more (LOL).

    Greetings from Germany

  2. Thanks! Glad you came and visited. Wish I had a ton more show pics to show, but alas. that was the end. :-(

  3. Wow, Dale! Amazing photos again! I particularly like the Last room box.... but that is because I am such a Medievalist.... if my Castle Dollhouse ever gets Done.... I hope it will have some of that feel to it!
    I know what you mean about blank faces.... LOL! That is what is so much fun about this blogland experience.... everybody understands minis!!!!! Just SO much fun! Someday I will get to go to one of the big Fairs! Thank you for sharing your pics.... they are really inspiring!

  4. Great pictures Dale. I would have loved to see the cave in the book. When I used to go to the Denver show my favorite part was admiring the artists work. It is unbelievable the talent these people possess. I can't wait to see more pictures of your purchases.

    Victoria ❤

  5. Thanks Betsy. Maybe the picture will inspire you and I'm sure with your skill that castle dollhouse will have that feel for sure!

    Victoria, always great to see your comments. I'll see if I can get that cave picture to look better for you. :-)

  6. Fab photos Dale! Now I HAVE to do a Merlin in a teacup! Ahhhh, just add it to the ever growing list!

  7. Heather, I'll be looking for those pics soon.

  8. Before I could even get through this post, I darted off and put in a request to be included in the Philadelphia Show. They might not include me this year, but the seed has been planted I will continue to try and strive.

    You take such wonderful pictures! I have enjoyed them all, thanks so much for sharing them with us all. It is extremely inspiring to attend such shows. :)

  9. Good luck Dale. I'll keep my fingers crossed. :-) People do cancel from the shows, but I don't know if Bishop has a waiting list or not.