Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Hydrangea Kit....Final

Well, I finally finished the Hydrangea kit I purchased in Chicago. 

As I mentioned in my last post, I completed the final three blooms and colored them like the others.  I then added some leaves and some taller sticks cut from an old grapevine wreath to give the arrangement some height.  The leaves provided in the kit were a lovely shade of green...however, since I was doing a dried hydrangea arrangement, I colored the leaves with some brown watercolor markers and used the end of a paintbrush on my mouse pad to give the leaves some movement. 

I'm happy with how it all turned out.

I have some friends that do not work with miniatures that see my blog posts through my Facebook account and they often ask me just how big the things are that I make.  I hope this next picture will help them out.  You can see just the size the arrangement is.  It is sitting on my fingers for this picture.  Sometimes it is easier to show someone instead of just telling them that one inch is the same as one foot.  :-)

I hope you have enjoyed the three plant kits.  I'm not sure what I'm going to share with everyone next, but I have some things up my sleeve.  Plus, there is more to do on The Mystic Path.

Till later!


  1. Oh great job, it looks so real!

    - Grace

  2. The flowers are wonderful! I must look out for some decent flower kits to do for myself!

    Michelle :0)

  3. Thanks everyone! I really enjoyed this kit, but it was much more work than they other two kits I completed. However, I have to admit that there are many extra petals and leaves. In fact, I probably have enough to create a few more blossoms and make a small table centerpiece for another project. I love when kits provide "extra" stuff. :-)

  4. Your arrangement looks great Dale :) the vase is perfect for a dried arrangement.


  5. GREAT JOB!!! I love the vase that you chose. The colors all work together and the grapevines just give it that extra something. It almost looks like it's dancing.

  6. What a success! Congratulations - one would never think this was your first attempt with flowers and only your third plant kit... I really hope you will make many more, the way you arranged everything is great. Maybe you don't have a green thumb in real life, but in miniature life, your thumb is deep green... ;O)


  7. I love the masculine take on a flower arrangement Dale, that's cool. Love that wooden vase. Well done!

  8. It's beautiful, Dale. I like how you chose to do it dried rather than fresh. :)