Friday, January 18, 2013

I'm Raising the Roof...Video 4 is now up on YouTube

Hi Everyone.

The fourth video, and final in this series, is now up and running on YouTube. 

Thanks again for following along and hopefully someone will learn something from these.

I have already recorded another video and it is now in production. :-)  Don't that sound official? HAHA

Till later!


  1. Great job! GREAT!
    Love how you've explain all of the minor details. It's so helpful when you're just starting out and trying to understand how and WHY.
    I was wondering what type of camera you are using and is it on a tripod? I'd love to try to create a video on sculpting for beginners. I haven't got a clue on how to even start.
    Always looking forward to seeing more Dale.

    1. Thanks Morena! I'm glad you like my clock in the background. I'm still moving into that house so not much furniture to absorb sound. HAHA
      That camera I'm using is a Samsung C20RP. I do use a tripod, but it is held up above my work with a box. I'm not very high-tech.
      You should jump in with both feet and make a video. The YouTube part is easy. Putting the videos together took a bit more practice.

  2. Hey Dale! Just found you and gonna read through your Blog.
    Take care

    1. Thanks Simon. Always a pleasure to have a new friend.

  3. Hi Dale, ich bin eine Anfängerin in Sachen Puppenhaus, und ich bin begierig viel zu lernen. Heute habe ich Ihren Blog gefunden und mir ihr Video von der Blumentopfbank angesehen, vielen, vielen Dank ! Sie haben es so gut erklärt und ich werde morgen es gleich ausprobieren ... Nun werde ich mich anmelden und ihrem Blog folgen ... Herzliche Hugs from Germany Christine