Friday, February 15, 2013

Thank you everyone!

This past week has been emotionally and physically draining as I'm sure many of you are aware.

I wanted to send a quick thank you to everyone for the beautiful emails and comments I received.  During this hard time it is so comforting to know people are understanding and care.  The miniature community continues to amaze me with the love and kindness its members share and have always shared.  In all the hobbies in the world, I have never seen one as closeknit and caring as the miniature family.

Now the healing begins.  Right now I'm focused on helping my partner, his mother and his family as they try and get back to as normal a life as they can in this traumatic time.  As for me, I turned to my miniatures as part of my healing process and I will be back soon to share with you all. 

Once again thank you!!




  1. Good to hear from you. Take your time... for yourself and for your family.


  2. Dear Dale, Very sad news for you and your partner and family. It must have given him great pleasure to know how you cared for and respected him.
    Thinking of you at this time.
    regards Jaine

  3. Dear Dale,the miniature community is a very special one.

    Take care whilst supporting your family.

    Much Love, Fi xx

  4. Big Hugs Dale. I am so sorry for your unexpected loss. May the good memories of this special man live on in your hearts.