Monday, March 7, 2011

A Blog is Born

Jumping into a blog can be interesting.  Think about it, are there really that many people that would want to listen to what I have to say?  Let's say that you found this by accident and actually are interested in dollhouse-scale miniatures.  Maybe you stumbled onto my website and find my blog that way. Is there anything that I can say that hasn't been taught or said before?  Probably not.  Why lie to you about that.  Miniatures have been around for a long time and while there is some new technology, the basics are pretty much the same as they have been for hundreds of years. 

What I am hoping you get from this blog is a fresh look, a new way to do things.  What we talk about isn't necessarily new, but it could be new to me or you. 

Now there are some changes that might be happening so if you come back and things look different, don't be afraid.  It is probably just my inner "Renaissance Man" kicking in.  Sometimes things just need changed.  Something to always remember around here is "change is good".  Something else you might find yourself saying is "oh no...Dale must be bored."  Don't worry, that isn't a bad thing, it just means I've done a complete turnaround and I'm heading in another direction.

Anyway.  This is enough to get started.  I have lots of things in mind to talk about with you, but I can't do everything in one post.  If I did, it wouldn't be a blog, it would be a web page.

Till later!


  1. So good to see you in blogland!! It is addicting! There are TONS and TONS of miniature blogs! I've ventured into other arenas but still create miniaure dolls every once in awhile!!!


  2. Great to see you! I was excited to see your blog. I can see me being very addicted to this.

  3. Welcome to blogland Dale! A lot of us have mini blogs. Some blog daily, weekly or monthly. I blog when I feel I have something to share. You will become addicted :)

    Victoria ♥

  4. Welcome to Blogland, I found you through Dark Squirrels Blog, Mystic Path looks like it is going to be a lovely little shop, good luck