Saturday, September 10, 2011

Well Finally....the molding is complete!

When I started this project nine years ago, I never thought it would take me that long to finish the molding and get to the fun stuff.  My, how time sure passes us by!

This morning I finally pulled out the Mystic Path and started work. The first decision was what molding to use. On the first floor I had used a standard crown molding. For upstairs I wanted something a bit more subdued and chose to use a baseboard molding turned upside down. The actual baseboards are the same wooden feature I used on the first floor. I painted the baseboards the same color as the first floor and made the upper molding a shade darker to draw even less attention to them. The focus on the upstairs room isn't going to be the decor. I really want to make that a background tone supporting the true star of the show, the mysterious happenings going on in the fortune teller's room.

I wanted a way to separate the left area from the right up there so decided I would install hanging silk drapes. To support the curtain rod I constructed a basic bracket design from some purchased moldings and drilled a hole to hold the actual rod. The rod is not permanently in place so I can remove it to install the drapes and rehang it. On the rod I have strung a series of "antique" brass jump rings that will eventually hold the curtains.

You can get a better look at the bracket constructions and the entire rod contraption in this picture.

You can also see the two candles and the lamp I made taking up residence on the floor. Because they have been hard-wired, they can't be removed now and I was glad I remembered to leave the cords a bit long so they didn't hang when I removed the furniture to install the molding. Sometimes it can be hard to think backwards when putting these rooms together.

Now that the basic construction is done, I get to focus on the stuff that turns this from a basic room box to something extra special. I need to work on store items, make and install drapes, get some art on the walls, put down some area rugs...ARGH....better get off here and get to work!

Till later!


  1. I really like the solution you gave to the division of the room. The lamp is beautiful!
    I'm curious to see the room furnished and decorated. ;)

  2. I LOVE the room dividing curtain! It is very Victorian.... I am currently working on my Victorian .... hmmm maybe I'll have to find somewhere for a lovely Portiere! I Love the idea that the room is more about the spooky things going on in it! Can't wait to see what they are..... please don't make us wait nine years...LOL!

  3. Thanks Eliana. I think in an older post I have more pics of the lamp and you can see it lit up.
    Daydreamer, I'm so glad you said "portiere" because I couldn't remember that yesterday when I was typing the blog. Oh, and I promise not to make you wait for 9 years. HAHA
    It was such a great joy to work on it yesterday. HOpefully will get more done today.

  4. Looking good! I really like that wall paper. :)