Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Craft Room/Office

Some of you may know this, but most probably don't.  Besides my miniatures, I'm a huge fan of Tiki and the Tiki Era. I'm not talking the brightly colored stuff that shows up in the party stores in the summer, I'm talking the old Polynesian restraunts that sprang up in the 40s and 50s and remained popular until the 70s.  I collect vintage mugs and memorabilia.  When we purchased the new home, there was a small bedroom that I quickly claimed as my office.  Not only will it be were I work on my miniatures, but it will also be my little slice of Tiki heaven.  A quiet getaway where I can relax and dream about being in a far-off land, sipping MaiTais and enjoying the tropical breezes. 

I am guessing that this small bedroom belonged to the daughter. 
With some paint on the walls, the floor redone and some creative molding to cover the horrid vinyl wallpaper trim, it is starting to get that tropical feeling.

Next came some of my vintage decor on some new shelves.
Hopefully it won't be long now till I'm able to sip a nice tropical drink in this chair and dream about what new minis I can create.
Till later!


  1. That is awesome! :)

    Enjoy your new space, I hope it gives you much inspiration.

    1. Thanks Dale. I have been missing my miniatures for so long I'm really looking forward to a new work space.

  2. You have a beautiful new home Dale! I love the story that goes with your house and look forward to see what comes out of that awesome room :)


    1. Thanks Victoria. I have some awesome plans for some special minis...some of which will be right up your alley. :-)